Minimum Risk, Maximum Profit With DAO Maker

DAO Maker is a consulting agency and software provider serving startups in the blockchain space. It is an Estonia-based company with fiat processing and cryptocurrency custody licenses. The Platform has the option to provide premium KYC / AML services as well as modern fundraising tools. Projects such as LTO Network, Elrond Network, Harmony Protocol, AVA Labs, 2key Network, NEM, Openpredict Orion Protocol and Plotx have achieved very successful results by working with DAOMaker. Now it launches its own token with DYCO.

DAO Maker also tries to minimize the damage that the investor may suffer. There are multiple fundraising and sales variety. These are;

1- SHO (Strong Holder Offering)

2- rSHO (Refundable Strong Holder Offering )

3- DYCO (Dynamic Coin Offering)

4- Venture Bond

Now, I’ll explain you about these fundraising and sales variety :

SHO (Strong Holder Offering) :

It has been repeatedly witnessed that excellent projects experience serious failure problems due to investors planning short-term profitability. When tokens are bought to be sold in the short term for immediate profit, they have a major negative impact on the project. Usually this results in the crash of the project.

In its simplest form, SHO token sales can be defined as a system in which those who hold tokens of projects working with DAO maker are given Sales priority.

DAOMaker successfully runs the SHO model. In this model, only people who have proven to be sincere can participate in DAOMaker projects. Participants have to show that they still hold tokens in their hands as a sign that they are sincere in developing platforms, and that they are not just investors interested in making fast money.

DAO Maker, which knows the most powerful and loyal investors, rates and honors them with the option to participate in new token offerings. Its smart software allows it to choose investors who are really valuable and will also value the project.

rSHO (Refundable Strong Holder Offering ):

rSHO is safer than ICOs & IEOs. It ends the sovereignty of IEOs and ICOs. DAO Maker chooses projects carefully and excludes scam projects strictly. rSHO guarantees the return of 80% of your investment if the project falls below the sales price within 6 months. So your investment has minimum risk, maximum profit with rSHO.

DYCO (Dynamic Coin Offering) :

DAOMaker signed on this design to find a solution to the funding problems of the blockchain space. DYCO is a token funding model in which the investor can claim his investment back if the conditions he wants are not met. In short, DYCO creates USD-supported utility tokens. This USD-supported situation allows DYCO’s original buyers to request a refund within a certain period of time. This gives the investor incredible confidence. The investor refreshes confidence by assessing both the project is on the roadmap and the product’s viability.

In DYCO token model, all tokens received through the Buy back system are burned. This process decreases the supply of the token in the market and increases the token price.

Venture Bond:

Venture Bond is an asset class unique to the DAO Maker Platform and it is its latest product. DAO’s focus has been to increase individual investor participation and security in the field, through increased control or refundable offers within projects.

Venture bonds largely eliminate the risk factor, have incredible potential, and have the authority to target both early-stage stocks and early-stage tokens. It will provide appropriate retail-sourced funding to begginers.


There was a special sale for the DAO token in November, and a strategic tour in December. And now Startup launchpad is offering $300,000 value DAO on January 18, 2021.The DAOMaker platform also conducts promotional social mining campaigns of many colossal projects. Among the those that they collaborate with , there are the ones who have big potential such as Elrond Network, NEM, Injective Protocol, Avalanche, 2key Network and Orion protocol. By participating in the social mining campaign, you can become a part of the promotion and earn.

For detailed information about DAO Maker and Social Mining, you can browse the links below:






Social Mining:




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